What to Watch: 05/05/2016

Clones and figures and spies, oh my! Also, Mom, mysteries, creatures, and those sexism-exposing goggles you’ve been seeing in the Inside Amy Schumer ads all week.

Scandal [ABC, 9p]
Olivia and Abby have to join forces to beat their common enemy, Hollis. And what oh what does she have up her sleeve for Rowan??

Mom [CBS, 9p]
My sober friend says that Mom is an honest, accurate portrayal of sobriety, and I liked Allison Janney’s White House appearance last week, even if I hate The West Wing, so I’m going to give Mom another shot, even if her Bonnie is apathetic to Christy making Dean’s List.

Orphan Black [BBCA, 10p]
At this point, I’ll admit I’m behind, but the Land of One Million Tatiana Maslanys is still the most compelling show of the night, and if you are in the same mode as me, it’s beyond time for a catch-up binge.



  • It’s the second half of Archer‘s bottle episode, whose first part won the Thursday last week.
  • It’s Red meeting a mysterious new figure while leading the task force on a new adventure. In other words, it’s Thursday on The Blacklist. On NBC.
  • Want to learn more facts about the Jackalope from the always reliable Travel Channel, tune into tonight’s Mysteries at the Museum.
  • Shondaland starts tonight on ABC with its dean, Grey’s Anatomy, featuring pregnant teens and relationship crossroads.
  • If the ads are any indication, this could be Inside Amy Schumer‘s best episode of an as-of-yet tepid fourth season.

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