What to Watch: 05/04/2016

It’s always hard to tell how close to reality IS comedian and most famous podcast host Marc Maron’s telediary about the neuroses which consume him — almost literally as season four starts and he succumbs to a relapse. His return headlines a busy night featuring shows of all shades.

Maron [IFC, 9p]
My fave neurotic, guitar-playing comedian is back for season 4. I’m almost scared to see where this picks up after his public meltdown at the end of last season.

Law & Order: SVU [NBC, 9p]
Griffin Dunne will always be beloved for his master nebbish turn thirty-plus years ago in After Hours, and he’s always a welcome sight on a Law & Order, although he’s usually quite the hatable sort, as he is this time portraying a prominent fashion photographer and probable rapist (is it ripped from a particular scumbaggy headline here?).

The Goldbergs [ABC, 8:30p]
Beverly, like your mom, feels totally unappreciated by a last minute, totally bogus, Mother’s Day gift of coupons. Not knowing that Happy Endings kind of addressed this already, she totally loses it. Pass the popcorn.



  • It’s prom season on ABC’s Modern Family, but more importantly it’s Closet Con season for Claire, which is always a load of neurotic slapstick fun.
  • From Lucious’s reaction, someone has unearthed a Jaeger-level secret on Fox’s Empire. Empire building is hard!
  • It’s Jennings vs. Jennings as The Americans just continues to heat up on FX.
  • As a tumultuous season 11 of Criminal Minds crashes to an end, with Shemar Moore’s Derek Morgan waaay in the forever rearview, the BAU gang has to work together to free its leader as Hotch has been charged with conspiracy. Hasn’t Hotch suffered enough? Apparently not.
  • The CW’s Arrow tosses and turns as it nears the end of its fourth season.

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