Tuesday’s Best Reviewed: The Grinder

The Grinder is not quite ready to rest yet. While it’s never quite caught its audience while fining itself, and a second season is up in the air, the inventive, heavy-on-the-meta sitcom has been consistently funny and drawn mostly positive reviews. It wins this Tuesday night with a penultimate episode (hopefully not forever) that deals with multiple layers of fathers and sons and the significance of side stories and fight vs. flight — there’s just a lot going on. The return of CBS’ Person of Interest returns for a fifth season with a flourish that IGN‘s Matt Fowler felt “cooked with intensity.” Nothing received terrible reviews, although Scott Van Doviak of AV Club dissented from The Flash‘s mostly rave mentions, contending it “slowed to a crawl,” and New Girl‘s most recent two-fer could never live up to last week’s concept pair.

Tuesday, May 3rd’s Best: The Grinder (9.0/10)


The Grinder began as a show with one star at its center — or at the very least about the relationship between brothers played by Rob Lowe and Fred Savage — but it’s morphed throughout the season to a program which shines in ensemble. Molly Eichel has noticed this and writes at AV Club, “the ensemble working in tandem has certainly been one of the unintended consequences of the serial format that the show has taken on in the latter half of its first season.” We agree. Vulture‘s Joshua Rivera loves the parody of sitcoms’ tidy use of A-, B-, C-, and sometimes D-plots, dubbing “Divergence” The Grinder‘s “cleverest episode yet, custom-built for the TV nerd audience the show seems to cater to.”

The Rest of the Night:


Person of Interest – 8.9

Fresh Off the Boat – 8.0

The Night Manager – 8.0

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – 7.5

New Girl – 7.4

The Flash – 7.4


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