Sunday’s Best Reviewed: Penny Dreadful

It’s a banner week for fantasy programs that draw from a familiar fictional history. The return of Showtime’s gory, sex-obsessed 1890s-based gothic fiction playground, Penny Dreadful, and it earns measured raves all around. The long-running Disney-in-a-blender program, Once Upon a Time continues a run of well-received episodes. The Good Wife also maintains an upward projection as it sets for its dramatic all-time finale. As Christine Orlando at TV Fanatic raves “it’s anyone’s guess how it will end, but no one can say the ride hasn’t been amazing.” HBO’s trio of shows do moderately well — all hovering around B+ — as techies meet a sales force, sitting President Selina Meyer heads for a Nevada recount, and we finally learn the fate of the most famous fictional man whose name is also a weather pattern.

Sunday May 1st’s Best: Penny Dreadful (8.7/10)


Penny Dreadful, while it has the penchant for the ridiculous in its pairings of real and fictional figures from a turn of the century ago, is always grand and rarely not glorious to look at. The Showtime program roars back with a universally well-reviewed third season premiere. Scott Von Doviak of AV Club contends it “expands its scope with impressive results.” TV Fanatic‘s Caralynn Lippo raves it’s “basically everything I hoped a season opener to this crazy, intense show would be. Matt Fowler at IGN mourns the separation of many of the characters, but is somewhat zen, observing “Perhaps these characters are never truly meant to commingle in the same way ever again. And it’s enough that we now enjoy watching them all separately as they, presumedly, round out their stories.”

The Rest of the Night:


Once Upon a Time – 8.6

Veep – 8.3

The Good Wife – 8.1

Silicon Valley – 7.8

The Girlfriend Experience – 7.5

Game of Thrones – 7.5

Fear the Walking Dead 7.2

Elementary – 6.5


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