What to Watch: 05/01/2016

It’s a busy little Sunday, as per the ushe. A trio of HBO shows move into their second episodes of their seasons. 1890s literary monsters and 2010s Kardashians return. Some walking dead do their undead walking, as they become more and more fearsome. It’s hard to keep up, but we try.

Silicon Valley [HBO, 10p]
The third season premiere brought out the best neuroses in all our players as they met the new CEO — Richard raged, but in in his hemmy-hawey way, Erlich awkwardly maneuvered, Guilfoyle and Dinesh sniped, while Jared, well, he was just Jared. Meanwhile, Gavin Belson effectively weaseled his failure on his newly sacked team and Big Head continued to land in the tall microchips with a 20 million dollar buyout. Plus the new CEO is Stephen Tobolowsky. No one can replace the late Christopher Evan Welch, but the man who gave us Ned AND Sandy Ryerson, Sammy Jenkins, and Hugo Jarry should help set up for another inspired season.

Game of Thrones [HBO, 9p]
After an explosive woman-centric premiere last week I have to see how Khaleesi will get out of her predicament with the Dothraki and if John will get off the table already. Melissandre, I’m looking at you.

Fear the Walking Dead [AMC, 9p]
So far this season FTWD has grown into its own. Will the group make it to Mexico? What is up with the enigmatic Strand? At the very least we should find out more about who Alicia was talking to. Never get out of the boat.



  • The powerful women of CBS Sunday night keep on keeping on, although one of them has only a few weeks left. Secretary McCord tests the limits of her ethics when battling terrorists on Madam Secretary. Meanwhile, Alicia keeps trying to acquit Peter from his latest (alleged?) fraud on The Good Wife.
  • More late 19th Century gothic characters fight monsters and have affairs. That’s just the sort of place it is on Penny Dreadful, returning for a third season on Showtime.
  • It’s another installment of the Joe & Cheryl show, as the Carmichael parents bicker over Joe’s discovery of Facebook, but when they’re played by David Alan Grier and Loretta Devine, they can focus on them anytime and we’ll watch on The Carmichael Show.

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