What to Watch: 04/28/2016

If you are an football fanatic, you will be locked to ESPN or NFL Network (or frantically clicking between the two, if you’re the writer of this parenthetical) tonight to watch the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft. If not, there’s a ton of wonderful stuff to watch — both new and old.

Huang’s World [Viceland, 10p]
Get a taste of the world traveling with Eddie Huang who believes the “politics is in the plate”. Looks like it will be a cultural adventure complete with cameos of his mom and dad. I’m most excited about seeing Eddie and his parents IRL vs the TV Show version.

Orphan Black [BBCA, 10p]
Truthfully, I’ll be watching this tomorrow morning through the hungover haze of tonight’s draft, but I’m probably gonna keep rec’ing this as it’s the most satisfyingly challenging show on TV. Worth it just to marvel at Tatiana Maslany.

Legally Blonde [Nickelodeon, 8p]
Nickelodeon doesn’t seem like an appropriate network, but if the PG set learns the two valuable lessons (never wash a perm, don’t let your boyfriend dictate your life), I’m fine with that. Bend and snap!



  • Last week’s Inside Amy Schumer was a bit tepid, but this week she’s taking on a big ticket item in guns, and she proved in season three (and earlier) that uncomfortable topics can be her comfort zone.
  • Reviews on The CW’s DC’s Legends of Tomorrow week-to-week have been hit-or-miss, but it’s one of the seasons more promising new shows due to its time-intrepid sense of adventure. Tonight, the heroes are in 2166 to try to prevent a team member’s parents’ murder.
  • CBS’ The Blacklist finds Redd Reddington and the rest battling a highly coordinated team, while Redd himself confronts an old acquaintance.
  • Baddies attack a fundraiser while the titular character does what he do on tonight’s first segment of a two-parter on FX’s Archer.
  • It’s hard to believe the Bones titling construct with almost eleven seasons in the can, have not used “The Monster in the Closet” yet. That Bones observation was brought to you by Hotels.com — thanks Captain Obvious.

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