Wednesday’s Best Reviewed: The Americans

Three weeks ago, The Americans scored 0.6 higher than this week and finished second — albeit to possibly the best TV episode of 2016 when all is done. This is actually (rather surprisingly) the first Wednesday win for one of the consistently best reviewed programs on television. This one focuses on one of the most compelling characters on the screen, the inimitable Martha, so it would have been a good bet that it would wind up here. Blackish is a close second with an episode tackling how the dissonance between TV families and real families (aw, the Johnsons don’t know we’re watching) can affect one’s self-esteem. Most shows have solid showings with two clunkers. Empire “continues its slide into critical irrelevance” says AV Club‘s Joshua Alston in a less than kind review for “More Than Kin.” An uncharacteristically mean-spirited episode of The Middle drops it to the bottom with one of the lower scores we’ve seen.

Wednesday April 27th’s Best: The Americans (9.2/10)


Poor, poor Martha! She gets a sort of revenge as she leads the FBI & KGB on a wild informant chase on one of the best reviewed episodes of the spy show’s season. The AV Club‘s Erik Adams is “enjoying season four’s glimpses at other lives within Directorate S.” This week its the switchboard operator: “The switchboard operator’s isolation is implied whenever she contacts the Jennings, but she appears downright starved for company here.” Genevieve Koski at Vulture suspects “Tanya Barfield’s script almost seems to be taunting us with a lack of actual forward momentum,” but contends that’s “not a bad thing. Martha’s panicked odyssey through the streets and parks of D.C. provokes the sort of cat-and-mouse (or in this case, cats-and-mouse) chase that The Americans excels at constructing.”

The Rest of the Night:

Blackish – 9.0

The Path – 8.5

The Last Panthers – 7.5

Arrow – 7.0

Empire – 4.7

The Middle – 4.5

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