Tuesday’s Best Reviewed: New Girl

With a double-shot of bachelor(ette) party themed episodes, FOX’s long-running ensemble comedy returns to form after trolling near the bottom of these rankings much of its fifth season. All characters have moments in an expertly written dual narrative, but it’s High Jess and the growing awkward cop love affair between Winston and Aly who stand out. It’s a good night for comedy as Fresh Off the Boat earns high marks for a flashback episode examining how our names define us — especially as it applies to people from different cultures — while never losing sight of the funny.

Tuesday, April 26th’s Best: New Girl (9.2/10)

0427yesbesnew.jpgWhile New Girl has certainly hit some distinct high notes as the gang weathered Zooey’s prolonged absence and prepared for Schmidt & CeCe’s wedding. However, a paired duo of fast, furious party-themed episodes renews faith in the fifth season, finding the long-running program at its antic, manic, slapstick best. The episodes split up the guys and girls and Kathryn VanArendonk at Vulture notes the twosome “benefit(s) from actually feeling like a pair.” AV Club‘s Erik Adams loved the duo of connected episodes and adds “I hope it’s the kind of “crazy” that the next two week’s double features have in store. Some hysteric here enjoyed it too.

The Rest of the Night:


Fresh Off the Boat – 9.0

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – 8.1

The Night Manager – 8.0

Limitless – 7.7

The Flash – 6.4


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