Sunday’s Best Reviewed: Veep

With a trio of beloved HBO shows returning last night, it was clear that the cable network that is not TV would take our prize that is not really a prize. However, it was not its signature George R.R. Martin, which was near last place — albeit with solid enough reviews. Coming fresh off an Emmy win for Best Comedy Series, and its star’s impressive enough appearance hosting SNLVeep won this Sunday of season premieres as Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ star-crossed and semi-competent Selina Meyer tried to make heads-or-tails of the idiocy of the Electoral College (“didn’t the founding fathers know about odd numbers”). The other HBO show, start-up ensemble comedy Silicon Valley earned solid B+ reviews with the intro of Stephen Tobolowsky as the new — and immediately hated — Pied Piper CEO. The Good Wife continued its mini-renaissance on its fast track to oblivion in an episode highlighting the ever-fraught relationship between Alicia and Peter Florrick as the latter faces criminal charges.

Sunday April 24th’s Best: Veep (9.5/10)


When we last saw Selina Meyer, she was in a standoff with her own Vice President, a war hero played by Hugh Laurie, as when the results came in for her re-election, it revealed an unprecedented tie. AV Club‘s Kate Kulzick appreciated the show’s picking up where last year’s excellent finale left off, with an episode that”shows off its talented cast and establishes a strong framework for the season.” Jessica Goldstein of Vulture awards “Morning After” a perfect score — particularly loving the drama at the end as three stories wind together, dubbing it “Veep at its finest.” Personally, I’m a bit peeved at the episode’s title for getting this song stuck in my head.

The Rest of the Night:


The Last Man on Earth – 8.5

The Good Wife – 8.2

Silicon Valley – 8.0

Elementary – 8.0

The Girlfriend Experience – 8.0

Game of Thrones – 7.8

Fear the Walking Dead – 6.6

The Family – 6.0


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