Our Sunday Reviews

The Last Man on Earth – B

0425lastmanbox.jpgA pretty OK episode — packed with moments of charm — opens on Mike and Phil singing karaoke (respectively) to “That Song” From “Once.” It’s nice to have the boys getting along again — Phil is the Worst Man On Earth but he deserves to have someone who loves and understands him. So Carol marries Todd, who has become a real ladies man at the seaside compound, because Phil is impotent. What makes the show a delight — Carol decorated the grounds for her wedding. There’s enough chairs and decorations for a legit wedding, even though this is a post-apocalyptic, not strictly legal, kind of a sham wedding. It has four guests! Phil, of course, ruins the whole thing, getting Mike to father Carol’s child, hurting Todd’s feelings. As usual the whole thing is moot (except for Todd’s broken allegiance) because we find out two important things: Carol is pregnant and there’s someone new in the cul-de-sac.
– Katherine M. Hill

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