What to Watch: 04/24/2016

Winter is coming, tonight on HBO. Yes, when we last saw Selena Meyer, her presidential re-election saw her on a fateful November night, tied in the Electoral College — a situation that would surely not be resolved before late December. Oh, that show with the dragons also returns tonight. And Meyer’s election is not the only one that’s a mess (oh, those Florricks). Also, the Belchers renovate their restaurant.

Veep [HBO, 10:30p]
Selina Meyer (played brilliantly by Julia Louis-Dreyfus) is baaack for a fifth season and possibly another term as POTUS, so that means more election shenanigans and hopefully way more Jonah diss compilations are in store.

The Good Wife [CBS, 9p]
Eli hires Jason! to investigate Peter! And Alicia throws an engagement party for her awful mother-in-law, and it all goes to shit.

Bob’s Burgers [FOX, 8:30p]
Bob’s pal Warren becomes interested in investing in the titular restaurant. Unfortunately, they have competing ideas about what to change — one of which is hinted at in pun form in the episode’s title “Pro-Tiki, Con-Tiki.”



  • The “Big” Game is on tonight as the Lannisters et al return for a seventh season on HBO, set to be discussed at pretty much every water cooler tomorrow.
  • There’s Rebellion on Sundance. This three-part Irish miniseries about the Easter Rebellion premieres tonight and airs through Tuesday.
  • The makeshift family — including as many as three likely sociopaths — is back asea on AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead.
  • If you aren’t yet, you really should be watching The Carmichael Show on NBC. It’s far from perfect, but features intelligent writing and brave and insightful looks into dark topics. Tonight, Jerrod has to confront the possibility his mom (Loretta Devine) suffers from acute depression.

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