Thursday’s Best Reviewed: Vikings

Vikings built up to a big confrontation between Ragnar and Rollo, and the generally well-reviewed show earned its best accolades of its life with its mid-season finale. It’s a night of mostly solid reviews with the exception of two clear clunkers. William Hughes of AV Club particularly enjoyed “hanging out” with the Archer gang again. The 100 continued to be part of the critical rise of The CW with an episode that began on a ghost story and ended with yet another ghost. On the other end of the spectrum, The Big Bang Theory laid another egg with a premise that sounded promising — a group viewing party — but wound up, in AV Club words, “contrived.” DC’s Legends of Tomorrow takes the booby prize with an episode our source of the day called a “nonsensical Terminator riff” and a “new low.”

Thursday’s Best: Vikings (8.9/10)


There’s just too many damn shows to watch. This History show has been earning solid, if not spectacular, grades all season, but its voyage into the center of its season earns its best reviews. IGN‘s Matt Fowler gave it a “great” grade for its “lengthy, meaningful war set piece featuring a very heated, intense Ragnar/Rollo showdown.” The inimitable Dennis Perkins at AV Club boasts it “sails beyond expectations” (now, that’s a trailer pull quote).

The Rest of the Night:


Archer – 8.5

The 100 – 8.4

Grey’s Anatomy – 7.8

Orphan Black – 7.5

The Big Bang Theory – 6.5

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – 5.8

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