Wednesday’s Best Reviewed: Broad City

With an episode throwing back to its absurd roots, Broad City wins the night with its airborne-search-for-a-tampon finale. It’s main competition — as with much of the last six weeks — was the spy family Jennings, this week focusing on the story of unfortunate collaterally damaged Martha. Most of the night brought the drama, with new dramas The Last Panthers and The Path scoring high. Ilana Glazer features at both top and bottom of the list as Time Traveling Bong takes up the rear with a perfectly fine introduction of premise (even if premise is pretty well covered in its name).

Wednesday’s Best: Broad City (9.3/10)


The Broad City women board a matchmaker flight to Israel (more for the free travel than for any rebound love or to populate the homeland), and once again prove they know how to wrap up a season in style. Kayla Kumari Upadhyaya over at AV Club marvels that “after everything they’ve been through this season, they’re still each other’s biggest fans, and that’s such a huge part of the show’s brilliance.” Vulture‘s Jenny Jaffe found it extremely funny but did have some reservations about its lack of particular set-up for the fourth season, wondering “could it burn itself out by the end of season four?” I contend it was a necessary respite following an openly (and wonderfully so) emotional season. We all are, however, firmly on board for a spinoff featuring Tymberlee Hill and Tracee Ellis Roth as cheeky flight attendants.

The Rest of the Night:

The Americans – 8.9

The Path – 8.1

The Last Panthers – 8.0

Empire – 7.5

Nashville – 7.o

Time Traveling Bong – 7.0


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