What to Watch: 04/20/2016

Tonight’s a double-dose of Ilana and Trey…I mean, Shane…I mean, Paul. Broad City passes Time Traveling Bong like two hazy, purple ships in the night. And we’re also rec’ing a Wright/Pegg/Frost movie featuring a wisecracking alien. What day is it? Day’s not here, man…whoa, that’s even before my time. Freaky.

Time Traveling Bong [Comedy, 10:30p]
More Paul W. Downs and Ilana Glazer and craziness? Sign me right up. Created with Downs’ girlfriend Lucia Aniello (also seen as that easily impressed trainer on Broad City), Time Traveling Bong is exactly what it says.

Broad City [Comedy, 10p]
The saga continues as Abbi and Ilana continue on their journey now making it to the airport finally.

Paul [IFC, 8p]
I mention this movie all the time, even though it isn’t very good. But I paid to see it in the theater, and unlike the parents who brought their six-year-old, I’m not sorry. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are two stoned geeks who have to help their new alien friend escape Earth.



  • Empire is still doing that empire-building thing that Empire does so well. And this time there’s a baby. And Chris Rock. And of course a bunch of people fighting over an empire. Empire!
  • It’s fears of biological war at the center of one of the best reviewed shows of the year, FX’s The Americans.
  • Criminal Minds goes to the jailed-serial-killer-has-info-on-ongoing-case well for their latest thriller. On CBSssssss.
  • Runaways of varying age is the theme of tonight on ABC’s Nashville.


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