Our Tuesday Reviews

New Girl – B+

0420newgirlboxThe hour-long double episode was a whiplash mishmash of confusion as Jess tries to buy a car and Winston’s prank-obsessed girlfriend ruins Cece and Schmidt’s wedding planning. The episode was enjoyable and buy-the-book for the show, and yet…when Winston says, “Ya’ll can’t keep up!” (because he “prank” married his girlfriend, whose understanding of “prank” is as bad as his is) that’s how I felt. Ultimately the whole episode felt like a throwback—the charm was there, and so was the humor, but unfortunately, so was Jess and Sam’s relationship, Sam and Nick’s lifelong feud, and Jess’s vindictive and unhinged behavior. The same continued for the second episode, except with Winston’s wife/girlfriend called up for duty, he’s still in love with his work partner? I can’t keep up with Winson’s love life (can the writers), but I can forgive this (mostly) since he teams up with Schmidt to bring fame to Winston’s cat. As for Jess getting her head stuck in a Bears helmet and potentially ruining her relationship with Sam, pffft.
– Katherine M. Hill

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – A-

0420b99boxWhile it’s a bit of a letdown after last week’s heist-within-a-heist, there’s still an abundance of great comic moments and character revelations in “Greg and Larry,” the final arc of the Save Pimento plot — or is it? After a brief introduction of Peralta panicked, trying to reach Holt, before cutting to Holt and Dennis Haysbert’s Bob Annderson — that spelling is not a typo, as revealed within Haysbert and Braugher’s deadpan banter. Of course, the whole precinct comes together from all points to combine Wonder Twins-style and save the day — aided by some bonding over Tone Loc. Boyle summons up toughness to get Santiago home, we learn more about Rosa, which merely adds more layers of mystery, and Gina cracks wise at every turn. It all wraps up the third season quite tidily — satisfying, if a little familiar — until one head gangster calls and smash-cut to…an explanation of title “Greg and Larry” and a crazy twist to set up next season(?).
– Jason Thurston

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