Monday’s Best Reviewed: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend edged Better Call Saul in the battle of endings with a heart-wrenchingly askew fairytale wedding that brought out the relationship crazies in pretty much everyone except the show’s one functional couple, Daryl and White Josh. And, oh Greg, did you ever blow it. And it was the slightest of edges, as a tilt-a-whirl of twists and deceptions shake up the lives of Jimmy, Mike, Chuck, Kim, and others — with a mysterious stranger who is probably familiar to Breaking Bad fans.The return of a mostly overlooked Syfy time travel thriller has been greeted by more accolades for its second season as the already labyrinthine show becomes even more complex.  Nothing — not even Gotham — earned the equivalent of a “B” or lower.

Monday’s Best: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (9.0/10)


Greg should have listened to his father’s advice as his epic romantic meltdown throws Rebecca open for a return to her original throes — it doesn’t hurt that both Josh & Rebecca are dressed in standard Disney prince & princess wares. It’s no shock that this adventurous and wholly original musical dramedy wins the night — even with the aforementioned stiff competition — but what a grueling night. AV Club‘s excellent Allison Shoemaker is talking baseball in praising the season-ender, noting “in their first at-bat with season-enders, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend pretty much hit a home run” with a thesis on its first season that ends with a “dramaturgical mic-drop.” Hallie Keifer over at Vulture loves the chaotic and confused state in which it leaves its love triangle participants (with one caveat): “There’s no other option that would have set up a more interesting second season. Paula aside, what a dream come true.”

The Rest of the Night:


Better Call Saul – 8.9

12 Monkeys – 8.8

Lucifer – 8.5

Supergirl – 8.0

Bates Motel – 8.0

Jane the Virgin – 8.0

Gotham – 7.1


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