What to Watch: 04/18/2016

Tonight, it’s the epic battle of finales of two critically heralded programs portraying madness in a minor key. But you don’t have to watch just one; they’re even at different times for those who avoid DVRs for the belief TV time should be linear, dammit! And there’s also a whole ton o’ stuff coming on your television tonight.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend [CW, 8p]
Rebecca’s world is “turned upside down” at Jayma’s wedding, while “Paula needs to get over Josh!” In the season finale. But I don’t want to wait until the fall for more of Rebecca’s adventures!

Better Call Saul [AMC, 9p]
Jimmy, Mike, and others have taken their chances and cast their lots, and now they are paying real world consequences, with Chuck in the hospital and Mike the target of Mexican gangsters. How much closer will Jimmy get to becoming Saul after tonight’s second season finale is anyone’s guess.



  • FOX’s Lucifer has been hit-or-miss — in spite of its devilishly charming lead —  but this one brings in the Walk of Fame and hashtags, so…
  • Another up-and-down sci-fi show returns (on Syfy) as 12 Monkeys is in 2043 as the second season begins.
  • The results of an epic bachelorette party awaits Jane the Virgin on The CW after the Crazy leaves the building.
  • Gotham…you know, I got nothing anymore, but the villains ain’t gonna wrath themselves. It’s on FOX.


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