Sunday’s Best Reviewed: Girls

Hannah and her soul sisters end their fifth season with a soaring pair of episodes which take all of the major Girls characters and advances them along the game of life and maturity one way or another. Just behind it, The Last Man on Earth continues its quiet roll in an entertaining episode featuring a prank war (including some of the creepiest facial hair) and some bold moves by Todd. On the other end of the spectrum, disappointing 1970s music industry drama Vinyl goes out the way it came in, with a tepid season one finale.

Sunday, April 17th’s Best: Girls (9.5/10)


Girls‘ season 5 finale brought the return of Hannah’s prose — for better of for worse — and the group growing while gently drifting apart. Vulture‘s Kathryn VanArendonk notes it “feels like an unusual victory” for a “hopeful” ending to a “spectacular season.” Joshua Alston of AV Club observes that Girls‘ “finales always tie up the season in a way that feels appropriate and emotionally complete,” before endorsing this one as the best yet. We liked it too.

The Rest of the Night:


The Last Man on Earth – 8.7

The Good Wife – 8.7

Fear the Walking Dead – 7.1

Once Upon a Time – 7.0

Elementary – 6.5

Vinyl – 5.9

Quantico – 5.8

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