What to Watch: 04/17/2016


Don’t mess with Hannah Horvath, Tina Belcher, or Alicia Florrick is pretty much the theme of this night — well, the above image anyway.

Girls back-to-back Finale [HBO, 10p]
This week we get two episodes for the price of one as we count down to the end of this show. I am BEYOND ready to tie up these loose ends if possible and move on. We see Ray and Shoshana finally reunite in ep 9 “Love Stories” which is also directed by Alex Karpovsky. Then some harsh realizations come about between Adam and Jessa. I mean duh, Jessa is super selfish she is not going to help you raise your sister’s baby, Adam wake up! I hate everyone on this show except Elijah. There, I said it.

The Good Wife [CBS, 9p]
The show’s Edward Snowden returns to North America is detained in Toronto, precipitating an international sojourn for Lucca and Alicia. TGW’s NSA storylines are one of my favorite ripped-from-the-headlines stories on the whole show.

Bob’s Burgers [FOX, 8:30p]
They had me at Tina episode and singing group.



  • They’re turning a Dungeons & Dragons game into a House of Lies. Tonight on HBO.
  • It’s a prank war and a coup de’Todd on FOX’s The Last Man on Earth.
  • Ocean walkers and worse are coming after the Abigail tonight on AMC’s Fear the Swimming Dead.
  • They named their fake punk band The Nasty Bits. Sigh, The Nasty Bits. Vinyl, on HBO.
  • And Hallmark returns with its fun little scripted series, Good Witch.

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