Thursday’s Best Reviewed: Orphan Black

Clone club is back in town, and as Orphan Black dives back into the past, it loses none of its creepy charm. The BBC America sci-fi program virtually ties with long-running vulgarmation spy show Archer, but wins by merit of its having many more reviews. The polarizing show of the night is the oldest range — medical drama Grey’s Anatomy which gets a “C” from AV Club for its lack of focus.

Thursday, April 14th’s Best: Orphan Black (8.5/10)


Tatiana Maslany and her insane acting chops return as all the young clones — we’re in the past to see just how we got to the fourth season. AV Club‘s Lisa Weidenfeld recognizes Maslany’s mad skillz, but notes while her “acting justifiably gets endless kudos for this show, it’s always worth giving credit to the makeup and costume department as well.” Devon Maloney of Vulture marvels at how the show escapes the “Curse of Meh” and “with a flashback, no less!” IGN‘s Max Nicholson was a bit less glowing, but still contended building out the show’s mythology “seems like a smart move.”

The Rest of the Night:


Archer – 8.5

The 100 – 8.2

Grey’s Anatomy – 7.5

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – 7.3

Vikings – 7.2

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