Wednesday’s Best Reviewed: The Path

It’s the first winning night for a weekly streaming show as Hulu’s not-at-all-about-Scientology cult program, The Path, starring Aaron Paul. The debut of Sundance’s import, The Last Panthers, earns solid reviews, with the AV Club calling it “serious as a six-year-old’s shooting,” but contending it “stays afloat.” Last week, critical favorites Broad City and The Americans, step back slightly after each had dramatic episodes, but they’re still in solid B+ territory. The polarizing hip-hop industry expose, Empire, takes up the rear again, but it has its high ratings to keep it company during any dark night.

Wednesday, April 13th’s Best: The Path (8.3/10)

0414pathbannerAs the Meyerist cult members’ personalities become more clear, so too does the overall quality of Hulu’s The Path. Especially intriguing is Hugh Dancy’s charismatic and ambitious Cal. Matt Fowler of IGN calls Cal “someone opportunistic enough to be dangerous,” and this contrast to Aaron Paul’s Eddie an others “nicely set[s] up a layered, potentially adversarial relationship going forward.” AV Club‘s Kate Kulzick had reservations about the show, but feels “The Future” “rights the ship and moves confidently forward, establishing a strong base upon which it can build an exciting, compelling rest of the season.”

The Rest of the Night:


The Americans – 8.1

The Last Panthers – 8.0

Broad City – 7.7

Blackish – 7.0

Empire – 6.8

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