What to Watch: 04/13/2016

While there’s plenty of options for the lighthearted tonight, our editors have decided to avoid the shallow end for programs with weightier themes.

Underground [WGN, 10p]
The Macon Seven are still on the run only they are sadly only six now. They have one last chance to get on the train out of Atlanta but can they make it now that Rosalie told the hunter their plan? Ernestine took matters in her own hands when it came to silencing Pearly Mae so what will the Macons try next?

The Last Panthers [Sundance, 10p]
A Marseilles jewelry heist signals the return of a renowned ring of jewelry thieves responsible for the most daring heists in the world. The six-part miniseries stars Samantha Morton and John Hurt, with opening titles by David Bowie.

Blackish [ABC, 9:30p]
Dre and family confront bigotry — both overt and more casual — when Dre’s sister marries another woman, leading to a chain of conversation that leads to the convention of heterosexual couple taking the man’s name.



  • The fallout from multiple breakups plays out tonight on Comedy Central’s Broad City, in the follow-up to one of the best television episodes of 2016.
  • Rossi’s ex-wife shows up at the BAU as the post-Shemar Moore era of Criminal Minds starts to feel more real.
  • More tours and relationship issues in the country music industry as ABC’s Nashville carries on.
  • More tours and relationship issues in the hip-hop music industry as FOX’s Empire carries on.

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