Tuesday’s Best Reviewed: iZombie

With a two hour finale full of flash and bang and gore and winky references (including a game cameo by the creator’s Matchbox Twenty-“singing” namesake), Rob Thomas’ engagingly clever and quirky undead crime drama ends its second season on a unanimously confirmed high note. Its worst review of the evening still garnered a “great” as iZombie showed just how to juggle complex supernatural plots and character deaths much better than a certain series set in upstate NY (which is the satisfying target of a cheeky jab courtesy of Ravi). The remainder of Tuesday was mostly well-received except for a certain comedy whose titular character has been a tad off since her return from jury duty. Kathryn Van Arandonk at Vulture found it “hard to care” about Jess’ romantic foibles, while AV Club’s Erik Adams ventures the “execution [of the Sam & Jess story line] feels out-of-character for New Girl.” Our own Navani Otero had some issues with Jess this week too.

Tuesday, April 12th’s Best: iZombie (9.6/10)


In a pair of episodes which saw Major arrested, released, arrested again, released again and similarly out of zombiehood, Ravi swept up and then heartbroken, Babineaux brought into the loop about Seattle’s zombie problem then also heartbroken, a Supermax-and-Utopium fueled riot which took out many of the Pacific Northwest’s best sportsdrink scientists as well as Matchbox Twenty’s vocalist, Drake’s hopeless heroism which left Liv heartbroken and…well we could go on forever, but suffice to say iZombie juggles an unfathomable number of plots and its an absolute marvel that they are able to give us such a polished season’s end. IGN‘s Eric Goldman enjoys everything going “full Romero” as the finale “went big in many exciting ways, giving us a fully realized zombie attack, while introducing a big new element.” Chancellor Agard of Vulture exclaims in agreement “What the what?! This is an awfully impressive way to end the season.” AV Club‘s Carrie Raisler chimes in, praising both season enders “iZombie knows how to bring a season home.” Screen Scholars’ me also enjoyed the hell out of it.

The Rest of the Night:


Brooklyn Nine-Nine – 9.0

The Grinder – 8.5

The Mindy Project – 8.5

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 6.9

New Girl – 5.2

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