What to Watch: 04/12/2016

It’s a solid night for comedies –on Tuesdays, even the zombie shows have jokes — as we have the return of Mindy Kaling in what’s apparently still the fourth season, the exit of Rob Thomas’ quirky undead program, and Jess fighting a restraining order from that guy. Also a heist on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

iZombie [CW, 9p]
So many storylines to wrap up — the Chaos Killer and Liv’s frozen boyfriend, Blake’s memory loss, Supermax threatening to make more undead, the search for the cure before Blake and Major die, and of course all the regular old mob moves of Mr. Boss. But we have two episodes to get through all this, so let’s bunker down.

The Mindy Project [HULU]
The midseason premiere of the fourth season is here and when we left off winter break Danny and Mindy were not in a good place. Can the couple make it through?

New Girl [Fox, 8p]
Jess tries to clear her sullied name when an ex-boyfriend serves a restraining order, which, kind of weird, fine–but Winston comes to the rescue to help! All I wanna do is see Winstson help.



  • President Palme…I mean, Pedro Cerran…I mean Dennis Haysbert drops in on FOX’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine for a classic heist with Capt Holt.
  • Patton Oswalt and Natasha Leggero join Nikki Glaser to talk about pegging on Not Safe. Yay!
  • Who couldn’t stand to learn more about parks? PBS hears you…10 Parks The Changed America on tonight.

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