What to Watch: 04/11/2016

More comings and goings tonight, including the intro of a new Jason Jones show and the seasons end for a show that critically hit as much as it missed.

The Detour [TBS, 9p]
Wherever Daily Show correspondents go I will follow, follow. The latest off-shoot comes in the form of a new family sitcom created and co-written by Jason Jones and Samantha Bee. Jones stars as a dad who is on a road trip to Florida with his family that takes a disastrous turn.

Supergirl [CBS, 8p]
My niece, who can’t speak in full sentences yet, but is still super smart you guys, loves Supergirl. This is mostly my fault, having given her a board book from The Strand dedicated to Marvel’s female heroes. Nevertheless, an obsession has begun, and I was going to be like, OK, whatever, but this Supergirl works hard, strives to do the right thing, suffers through a mean, cruel boss, and loves her sisters so–OK, I totally get it. Tonight Supergirl has to free her friends from a villain who practices mind control. Very Charlotte.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend [CW, 8p]
So, Rebecca ignored her very own dream ghost and went right ahead and rebounded from her hard crush on Josh to fall (literally) into the arms of Greg, and finally settle for him. This episode features them as buddies with benefits and apparently Josh is not happy about this, so popcorn at the read’ is probably a good idea. Father Brah returns, btw.

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