Sunday’s Best Reviewed: Togetherness

We wave so long to Togetherness, but the show about midlife angst goes out on a bang with an episode mostly focused on the fight for a charter school{?!}. We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when — maybe Starz or AMC. Sunday was insanely busy with a roster full of premieres and finales. Four shows were essentially tied, a couple percentage points behind the Duplasses’ concoction, including its lead in. The girls of Girls come closer to back together at the same time their relationships fall apart, and receive another week of solid reviews. Bob’s Burgers would have achieved a perfect score last week for its moving double episode if one reviewer (no names) had written it up within the day. This week was not as memorable, but still a fun Belcher heist. On the less rave-y side, AMC’s other prequel, Fear the Walking Dead, gets middling reviews as its players all embark on one boat — but it didn’t pretend to be any more than the transitional, set-up episode it was. New Starz program The Girlfriend Experience, from Stephen Soderbergh, surprisingly earned only one graded review, although Vulture labeled it “one of the best shows of the year.”

Sunday, April 10th’s Best: Togetherness (8.7/10)


The Duplasses’ (Mark and Jay with help from Steve Zissis) ode to the difficulties of making love stay as one’s thirties bleed into their forties exited into that dark night yesterday — but went out on a high note. Vulture‘s Phoebe Robinson mourns the show hard, as she “still can’t believe we won’t get to spend more time with these characters, but [she’s] slowly coming to terms with the fact that this show is over.” Gwen Inhat at AV Club was less glowing, but loved the series in general, adding “the show mined impressive depths of emotionality and feeling in the small time period, only to wrap up with a plot reminiscent of a Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland musical.” Our own Navani Otero was none too happy about it either.

The Rest of the Night:


The Last Man on Earth – 8.5

Girls – 8.5

Bob’s Burgers – 8.5

Billions – 8.5

Madam Secretary – 7.7

Once Upon a Time – 7.5

Vinyl – 7.4

Elementary – 7.3

Fear the Walking Dead – 7.1

The Family – 7.0

Quantico – 6.0

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