What to Watch: 04/09/2016

There’s really not much going on as for new shows this Saturday, but we’re not amateurs here…NO…we will find you things.

Orphan Black Season 4 Preview [BBC America, 10p]
Tatiana Maslany returns Thursday as so many people she’s even lost track. Ok, that link takes you to her speaking German and Ted Cruz’s lovable face, but in the same interview she reveals she has no idea how many clones she has played on the sci-fi modern masterpiece. This week, watch a sneak preview, which for a show with this many twists and interconnected stories is a welcome chance to remember just where the ^&*@ we were.

Hearts of Spring [Hallmark, 9p]
Lisa Welchel, who is supposed to be at home, homemaking, stars as a mommy blogger (!!!!!) who butts heads with a reader while simultaneously falling in love with a single dad. If I learned anything from You’ve Got Mail, it’s that the blogger’s troll and boyfriend are one in the same.

Conan In Korea (TBS, 11p)
Conan and  Steven Yeun take Korea by storm. They do a K-Pop video together. I’m in.



  • This is a last minute add, but tonight Fusion airs Biggie & Tupac. Experts look into the other major celebrity crime from 20 years ago, when two of the world’s most talented rappers sadly got snuffed out when either a beef got too real or, well, that’s the point, it’s never been officially solved — although people certainly have their theories.

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