What to Watch: 04/08/2016

Say it’s Friday night, you just got paid, you’re party hunting, and you know one thing: you’re gonna be getting down, this might not be the section for you. But if you are staying home — and if you recognize the reference, it’s fairly likely — or you want your DVR filled up when you return from those clurbs (and the 1980s), here’s some recs.

Catastrophe [Amazon]
The British sitcom returns with more dysfunctional adult behavior as Rob and Sharon take on parenting.

Perfect High [LMN, 8p]
Everything you want in a Lifetime movie, right here: drug addiction (heroin!), injuries, an inspiring true-life recovery, the high school dance team, and the casting of a teen idol (Bella Thorne). I for one pray for a side plot about eating disorders for a little ‘90s throwback.

Grimm [NBC, 8p]
I’m just gonna roll with the Wesen as Grimm has moved from my hatewatch list to a show that’s truly a well-constructed bit of occasional ridiculous, but genuine intrigue. This week’s monster captures his prey through raucous sermons, but the main event is the continued battle between good and evil and the mystery of which side of that eternal battle Capt. Renard falls on.



  • Syfy’s new bit of inspired lunacy, Wynonna Earp, boasts a strong female lead and an impressive percentage on Metacritic. Its second episode has its namesake back in Purgatory.
  • As, well, Bill Maher-y, as Bill Maher can tend to be, you can count on him for a sporadic spectacular insight, and more importantly a gleefully weird mix of interesting people (who more often bring the insight). Tonight on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, zombie novelist Max Brooks and Anderson Cooper-tickler Kelly Griffin spend time with Labor Secretary Thomas Perez and economy-equality activist Heather McGhee.
  • On the Season 3 Finale of FOX’s Sleepy Hollow, we peep what’s in Pandora’s box — because that always ends well, right?
  • The CW brings the vampire kidnappings tonight on The Originals.


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