Thursday’s Best Reviewed: The 100

Post-apocalyptic CW show The 100 has knocked off characters in two of its last three episodes. It has also won the critical battle twice in the last three weeks; however, those two did NOT coincide. Biggest news is trouble in Shonaland as Scandal‘s rep is all over the place, including drawing (perhaps) the AV Clubs first “F” (it “impaled itself on itself”) since Donald Trump made everyone on SNL, plus Larry David and a hidden Sia, very uncomfortableGrey’s Anatomy fares little better. Meanwhile, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow hears whispers for tossing its hat in the well-trod, yet never enough Let’s-Kill-Hitler ring.

Thursday, April 7th’s Best: The 100 (7.9/10)


While it’s certainly a dramatic offering, as the death of Lincoln is absorbed by everyone, while Bellamy and Octavia bicker with beatdowns, it’s a relatively low-key win for The 100. IGN‘s Eric Goldman dubs it amazing, stating the “stakes efficiently raised as we head further into the back half of the season.” While it would be hard for Caralynn Lippo at TV Fanatic to go fainter in her praise: “not the best or most exciting installment this season, but it certainly wasn’t the worst. It did advance a few plot lines and (seemingly) resolve a few others.” Kyle Fowle of AV Club rates it a solid “B,” focusing on character strength, like “badass” Octavia and noting how as Raven, Lindsay Morgan “absolutely nails every single emotion.”

The Rest of the Night:


Vikings – 7.4

The Big Bang Theory – 7.3

Archer – 7.0

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – 6.2

Grey’s Anatomy – 6.0

Scandal – 4.2

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