Wednesday’s Best Reviewed: Broad City

With an even darker than usual episode, The Americans would have won any but three days of the more than two months we’ve been doing this. However, already one of the best shows on television, Broad City‘s heart grew three times this week, with a genuinely affecting episode that mixed deep conversation, awkward romance, Ilana’s parents, door-slamming farce at a restaurant, and bitter heartbreak for both its leads. The show’s transition from a series of hilarious NYC absurdities to something deeper has been so sudden yet smooth, it’s stunning. The rest of Wednesday draws mostly solid reviews, with everything else getting at least one good review, although the AV Club did not care for Empire (“well, so much for the Empire renaissance”) and TV Fanatic shunned Arrow.

Wednesday, April 6th’s Best: Broad City (10.0/10)


It’s almost impossible to say enough about this magnificent episode; we certainly loved it. “Burning Bridges” did just that as the episode spared no one’s heart in a half hour that balanced dizzying farce and emotional dramedy. Kayla Kumari Uphadyaya of AV Club calls out the show for delivering a couple uncharacteristically tepid — if not bad — episodes, following which it needed to “heighten the stakes.” And, man, it did, as it “loads those stakes into a cannon and fires them into the stratosphere.” Vulture‘s Jenny Jaffe also loved the episode at a 5/5 level, noting “when Abbi and Ilana’s insecurities are laid bare, Broad City is at its absolute best.”

The Rest of the Night:


The Americans – 9.8

Supernatural – 8.0

Blackish – 8.0

Arrow – 7.7

Empire – 6.3


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