Our Wednesday Reviews

Broad City – A

0407broadbox.jpgWhere do I begin?? This episode managed to pull together all the feels as we watched Ilana’s normal wackiness deflated by an unexpected break up by Lincoln (GASP). Does this mean he is leaving the show? Or maybe Ilana just needs to get her ish together? Either way, we digress because Ilana’s mom is coming to town! Any chance we get to see them together is a treat. Extra points for her mom’s conspiracy theory about Google Maps, I happen to believe it too, so it was comforting not to be alone in that.

It’s Ilana’s parents anniversary so a family dinner is in store! Yay! Meanwhile, Trey and Abbi have been hooking up in secret and now he invites her out to a date. Bless his little heart. At the SAME restaurant where Ilana and fam are drinking lychee martinis and wearing leis. Uh oh. Just when I think the good old “try to be two places at once” shtick is played out I remember restaurant Abbi is MY FAVE Abbi (with speakeasy Abbi a close second). I mean come on, the last time we saw her in that infamous blue dress she was carrying Ilana out, remember? So, I sat upright and prepared for the shenanigans. Abbi is able to keep up being at both tables for an impressively long time, until after mixing lychee martinis and wine leaves her wasted. She has a corsage – more cute points for Trey. Extra points for her having a “Kathy Comic” moment at Ilana’s table, a shout out to every single girl’s fave comic who is not a millennial. I appreciated that hat-tip.

Finally, when Ilana’s mom chokes on her lychee Abbi yells for Trey to come save the day, which is does so effortlessly and the gig is up. Ilana runs out feeling betrayed and Abbi chases after her to apologize and assure her Trey means nothing, when he walks out to hear it. OUCH. The show ends with the two of them in a semi-naked bath admitting truths to each other. Abbi admits she really likes Trey, as she should, he got her a corsage AND saved someone’s life in the same night! It was a whirlwind of an episode that I’ve made a mental a note of for possible best episode of the year.
– Navani Otero

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