What to Watch: 04/06/2016

There’s plenty on the telly, including the show that was both our top show of 2015 and the winner of our March Madness.

Broad City [Comedy, 10p]
In honor of Abbi and Ilana winning our own March Madness competition, they are my pick. Plus, I need to see what happens after Abbi and Trey’s awesome hook up last week.  

The Goldbergs [ABC, 8:30p]
Adam (finally) dives headfirst into D&D.

The Internet Ruined My Life [Syfy, 10p]
Ok, in truth, I’ll probably be watching BC at this time, but can’t help but be intrigued by a show examining the consequences of oversharing TV spoilers.



  • We’re closing in on the end of an icon. The final American Idol will be chosen from the three remaining contestants. Part one of their battle is tonight on FOX.
  • Afterwards, it’s more empire building on Empire tonight. Also on FOX. Empire!
  • On FX, everyone seems to be in danger tonight on The Americans — but is that anything new?
  • On The CW, Arrow goes for a second Wednesday night win in a row with the story of a prison break.

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