Tuesday’s Best Reviewed: American Crime Story

At this point, it would be a shocker if Ryan Murphy’s new anthology’s spectacularly reviewed look at the O.J. Simpson trial did not win the night with its finale. As you can probably guess from the headline explicitly stating it, there’s no surprises to be had here. Simpson was found not guilty, but no one truly wins. The night’s sci-fi fared well, as two very different sorts of superheroes — on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and iZombie — tried to ward off a future that they’re among the few who can see. Sitcoms were a bit more hit-or-miss, especially with Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s undercover trip to the slammer, which Vulture loved, but AV Club not so much.

Tuesday April 5th’s Best: American Crime Story (9.1/10)


American Crime Story‘s stirring finale featured real closing arguments, revealed the verdict we all already knew, while digging into the sad aftermath of the Trial of the Century. As with most of the installments of the series, the critics ate it up, including this one. Pilot Viruet at AV Club observes the program extrudes its dramatic tension through its “focus on the characters rather than the crime.” She singles out David Schwimmer’s performance who she’d dismissed as “Ross Kardashian” at times, as “pulling some of the hardest work in American Crime Story.” Vulture’s Scott Tobias is hardly faint with his praise, concluding the series “deepened our understanding of the trial — and, in the process, deepened our understanding of our culture.” Vulture goes further, with a set of illuminating features, including a reverent overview from Matt Zoller Seitz.

The Rest of the Night:


Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – 8.6

iZombie – 8.3

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – 7.5

Fresh Off the Boat – 7.5

Limitless – 7.0


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