Monday’s Best Reviewed: Better Call Saul

The big winner last night was clearly Villanova (and congrats to my sis’ alma mater) as not only did they win the NCAA Tournament, the NCAA pretty well cleared all significant new television out. But not Saul Goodman, whose transition from Jimmy McGill on Better Call Saul has earned raves for the bold prequel to Breaking Bad. Otherwise, two adventure-driven sci-fi shows whose reception has been all over the place, get consistently positive reviews this week.

Monday, April 4th’s Best: Better Call Saul (8.2/10)


The battle of brothers escalates exponentially this week, as Michael McKean continues to bring the sly, sinister creepiness to brilliant, sunlight-afflicted lawyer Chuck McGill who cannot accept Bob Odenkirk’s Jimmy into his circles.  Chuck proves just as underhanded in trying to guard his noble profession from “Slippin’ Jimmy,” and as a flabbergasted Donna Bowman of AV Club opens her review: “Chuck, man. Wow.” IGN‘s Terri Schwartz dubs it “another great episode of Better Call Saul and had some big moments queuing up what’s to come,” but does have some problem with the season’s imbalance of Jimmy and Mike’s stories. Kenny Herzog at Vulture gives a shout out to the show’s story editors, adding “They’re really terrific.”

The Rest of the Night:


The Magicians – 7.9

11.22.63 – 7.8

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