Sunday’s Best Reviewed: Once Upon a Time

In a shocker upset, it’s the long-running Disneyworld-comes-to-life series which takes the crowded and eventful Sunday night as best reviewed program. They did it with a wicked love story between Zelena and Hades. But has there ever been an episode of television more polarizing than last night’s main feature, The Walking Dead‘s finale? Well, certainly, but its reviews were all over the place. Richard Rys at Vulture loved the “appropriately brutal” intro of supervillain Negan. We also loved it. However, don’t ask the fans commenting on AV Club as most of them are not on board with the cliffhanger — I stopped counting at about 100 versions of “totally done with the show.” It wasn’t even the best received finale of the night, as Shameless and its wedding that wasn’t to be takes those honors.

Sunday, April 3rd’s Best: Once Upon a Time (8.0/10)


Once Upon a Time is notorious for over-packing its show with characters — both classic and original. However, its a romance between two relatively minor characters (and classic villains at that) which woos the critics’ hearts this April night — well some of them anyway. AV Club‘s Gwen Ihnat puts it bluntly, wishing every episode could be “The Zelena & Hades Show.” Christine Orlando of TV Fanatic loves how they humanized the character best known in pop culture history for threatening to murder a teenager and a tiny dog. Amy Ratcliffe at IGN is less enamored with the coupling, suggesting it was somewhat sprung on the viewers — that “twenty minutes of flashbacks in this episode weren’t enough to sell their love story.”

The Rest of the Night:


Togetherness – 8.0

Girls – 7.8

The Last Man on Earth – 7.8

The Family – 7.5

Vinyl 7.3

Shameless – 7.3

The Carmichael Show – 7.0

The Walking Dead – 6.9

Quantico – 6.5

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