March Madness: AND THE WINNER IS…

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THERE COULD ONLY BE ONE! Is it Orphan Black? Is it Broad City? While it shouldn’t be a surprise that the final two shows can be described as our favorites and the very best, choosing but one show was incredibly difficult.

Both shows are very different.

So who is it? WHO WON?



It’s Broad City! The editors’ show of 2015 took it all the way to the very end.

We thought Broad City would take it all, we really did. Broad City inspires a loyalty inside us that simply can not be denied. (For some of our moms, the Hillary association probably helped.) We promise we never rigged the ballots. Abbi and Illana came out ahead with 60 percent of the vote. (Orphan Black had 70 percent of the vote yesterday around noon, so it was really anyone’s game!)

There’s always next year for Orphan Black, which returns to BBC America with its new season on April 14.

Thank you everyone, for joining in our March Madness games. We had a lot of fun watching the votes roll in, and we were thrilled to share our dedication to television culture with all of you! May the Maryland Terrapins and your favorite show win the tourneys in 2017!

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