What to Watch: 04/01/2016

It’s the ushe Friday night line-up, with one cool newcomer (see below and above).

Wynonna Earp [SyFy, 10p]
New female supernatural lead series, yes please. Based on the comic series created by Beau Smith, Wyatt earl’s granddaughter Wynonna returns home to fight supernatural demons.

Hawaii Five-0 [CBS, 9p]
The gang finds, and stops, an illegal slave trade taking place on some kind of ship. (Kind of reminiscent of The Wire’s second season.) My radiator was humming this week, and it’s the first week of April–and that’s why I’m watching.

Grimm [NBC, 9p]
Not sure how I feel about turning Renard back to evil, but that’s why I hate and love Grimm. The monster-of-the-week is aging as a victim aged 70 years in a day before her death.



  • Abby and Ichy head into another realm (presumably) to try to stop The Hidden One (truly, he is exhausting). That’s tonight, Sleepy Hollow, FOX.
  • It’s all scars and rumors on the supernatural CW Friday night line-up of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.

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