Thursday’s Best Reviewed: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

While Marvel may have the edge (by pure volume) on the movie side — and the Netflix side for that matter — but DC has the over-the-air space locked down. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow wins the night by using time-travel to employ some crazy shifts and twists. Meanwhile that most gleeful of vulgar animated shows returns in all its usual H. Jon Benjamin-y glory, and is only in second place by a nose. You, Me, and the Apocalypse blows up the Earth — isn’t that lovely — pulling no punches and leaving shell-shocked viewers and reviewers generally positive. Shondaland’s newest invention, The Catch, and longest runner, Grey’s Anatomy, take spots at the rear of the bus.

Thursday, March 31st’s Best Reviewed: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (8.3/10)


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow embraces the malleability of its universe, and earns glowing reviews from critics. Oliver Sava at AV Club declares it a “series high point” and praising show runners Beth Schwartz and Grainne Godfree for “thinking bigger, quickly making sweeping changes because they’re working within a concept that makes that possible.” IGN‘s Jesse Schedeen gives it an “excellent” grade as the “episode fired on all cylinders and suggested helped whip the series back into shape.” Angelica Jade Bastien of Vulture generally likes the direction of the show, but does question the inconsistency around use of villain Vandal Savage: “for being this season’s Big Bad it feels like he’s sidelined or disappears every other episode.”

The Rest of the Night:


Archer – 8.0

Scandal – 7.8

The 100 – 7.8

You, Me, and the Apocalypse – 7.7

Vikings – 7.3

The Big Bang Theory – 7.0

Grey’s Anatomy – 6.8

The Catch – 6.7

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