The Binge: The Daredevil You Know

Marvel’s Daredevil: Season Two


********** ***************SPOILER ALERT *****************************

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the second season of the Netflix adaptation of Marvel’s Daredevil. Okay, it’s super dark and gritty. We got it. There will be gory, insane fight scenes. Awesome! But now what? Well, the answer has two parts: Punisher and Elektra. This season offers up not one villain for Matt to play with but two. Add in that one happens to be his ex-girlfriend and now you have some real drama on your hands.

There is so much going on in this season from having double the villains, a budding office romance, a trial — not to mention all the characters from last season — I’m not even sure where to begin. The theme word for Season 2 is chaos; it’s everywhere, much like life.

Some personal highlights:

The Punisher: Despite being a revenge-seeking killing machine that scares off the scariest drug lords in Hell’s Kitchen, I kinda had a soft spot for The Punisher. Something about him is likable and interesting. More so as his back story kept unfolding throughout the season in the trial for murder and when he inevitably escapes. At least I’m not totally alone in this as Karen seems to feel the same and takes a spacial interest in his case and digging up the truth behind his story. What I respected the most about him was his honesty– with himself and with others. Something Matt could learn a bit about.

The Trial: Guess who ends up defending the Punisher? Yep, Karen put in a good word and unbeknownst to everyone, these two dueling vigilantes are suddenly on the same side. This is great because they are lawyers after all, so seeing them in an actual court room was a treat. This is an area where the supporting cast shines — an overall constant this season. In Matt’s absence, Foggy stepped up in the court room. The dialogue and camaraderie here between Karen and Foggy stands strong and makes for great context in-between the over-the-top fighting scenes.

Elektra’s Backstory: YAY for more women super heroes in Hell’s Kitchen! But what happens when that superhero is your debutante ex-gf who is now a trained assassin? When Elektra first pops up — unannounced — by breaking into Matt’s apartment, I thought it was to cause a love triangle at most. Turns out, that was just the beginning. Elektra enlisted Matt’s legal help for some business matters but Matt would soon see that whenever Elektra was concerned there would be trouble, and insane ninja fight scenes … and forbidden Japanese gangs — you get the idea. But poor Matt could not shake her no matter how he tried; their obvious connection was too strong, their history too deep. Matt tries to convince her to run away with him where they would be happy. He pleads, he can only be his true self with her. Elektra tried: she really did want to be good for Matt. But it was too hard denying the darkness within her, and her destiny of being The Black Star and all. Funny that her internal turmoil is similar to what Matt has with Karen. He fears he can’t be Daredevil with her and be accepted. Hmmmmm

One of the biggest takeaways is not only did Punisher and Elektra challenge Matt physically, but mentally as well. They made him examine and question how he perceived himself — as someone totally self-righteous and way above other vigilantes, because he doesn’t kill people. He thought it made him different, but by the end of the season we see he is no longer so sure. His self-actualization is as interesting as it is endearing.

Matt is left with some big questions to ask himself, some things to come to terms with and some fessing up to do to those close to him. More importantly, some fessing up to do to himself.

Bingeability: 9 (out of 10)

Binge in How Many Sitdowns: 2 full days — a good weekend-in-bed binge.

Total Binge Time: Approximately 13 hours

Best Episodes: “Guilty as Sin” & “The Dark at the End of the Tunnel” – both are jaw droppers and not just for the fight scenes but the plot twists. You may have to watch them twice.

Watch Daredevil Season 2 on Netflix here.

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