Wednesday’s Best Reviewed: Arrow

The CW’s Arrow wins the Wednesday with an episode which recaptures the quirky spirit of the show’s early season, and re-introduces hacker villain Brie Larvon. Brie brings bees with her and the story gets crazier from there. The Americans decides that you don’t have to be going on an extended (or any sort of) break to initiate an EPCOT Center cliffhanger. Broad City gets consistent B+ reviews for an episode that’s a bit of a hodgepodge, but delivers some subtle character development and terrific supporting performances. Empire returns to its usual twists and mixed reviews. Nashville and Supernatural take up the rear with episodes that don’t go much of anywhere.

Wednesday, March 30th’s Best: Arrow (8.9/10)


Returning villain Brie brings the bees and the critics swoon — well, they enjoyed it anyway. AV Club‘s Alasdair Wilkins opens with “My goodness, that was a fun episode of Arrow.” Jenny Raftery at Vulture enjoys the mood shift “thanks to a fun villain-of-the-week and prime Curtis screen time, the episode zaps a little needed energy into the series.” Even IGN‘s Jesse Schdeen, who gave the show its lowest rating of the night felt it “was good to see this new episode focus more on the humor and fun.”

The Rest of the Night:


The Americans – 8.7

Broad City – 8.0

Empire – 7.8

The Path – 7.0

Nashville – 6.6

Supernatural – 6.5

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