This Weekend At the Box Office: 3/31/16

Last weekend’s big release, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice raked in the money, bringing in $193.23 million in its first five days, despite negative reviews (my favorite is David Edelstein‘s, particularly where he likens Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne to Dick Cheney). Without any big releases this weekend, Batman vs. Superman is likely to win again this weekend. Internationally, Deadpool dominated the box office, becoming the highest-grossing R-rated movie ever.

What will Batman and Superman smash this week? Let’s see…

God’s Not Dead 2 ends our brief, peaceful box office rollout without the born again pastiche. Melissa Joan Hart, in need of a paycheck, is a teacher taken to court by anti-God  crusaders after talking about god in school. With Jesse Metcalf and Ray Winstone.

Francofonia examines the efforts of the Louvre’s museum director and a German soldier to protect the museum’s art from the nazis.

Chonquing Hotpot, in limited release, is a stylish Chinese comedy-heist film about a bored bank teller who plans a bank heist in return for half of the money and an escape from her dull life. Her accomplices are seeking to use the money to buy themselves out of their failing hotpot restaurant.

Sold is a drama about a young girl trafficked from her village in Nepal to a brothel in India. Gillian Anderson is the Western woman who discovers and rescues her.

SOLD FILM TRAILER 2016 from Jaya International on Vimeo.

The Dark Horse is better than your typical inspirational, based on true events drama with elements on mental illness and at-risk teens. Cliff Curtis is Genesis Potini, the real life chess champion of New Zealand who lead The Eastern Knights and struggles to save his nephew (James Rolleston, Boy) from a life of gangs. I saw it Monday, I hate inspirational films, and it’s totally worth your time. The Dark Horse won Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Screenplay at the 2014 New Zealand Film Awards and is highly-rated on Rotten Tomatoes.

Pandemic is your standard, disease-horror release. Set in the future, a doctor sets out to LA from NYC in search of uninfected survivors after a plague wipes out the world’s population. (The Last Man on Earth sounds less stressful.)

No Home Movie is Chantal Akerman’s final film; the director died in October. Her documentary is a series of conversations with the director’s mother before her death.

Meet the Blacks is what happens when Blackish meets The Purge when a Chicago man (Mike Epps) moves his family to Beverly Hills on the eve of the Purge and must defend his home and family from wild criminals.

Miles Ahead stars Don Cheadle as Miles Davis when the jazz genius is down and out in the 1970s. Cheadle directed and wrote the biopic. Ewan McGregor plays a white journalist-savior.

Also out this weekend are…:

Ki & Ka, an Indian romantic comedy about newlyweds; Kill Me, Deadly, a comedy spoof about a private investigator in 1947 whose client is murdered; Kill Your Friends, a received dark comedy starring Nicholas Hoult as a Patrick Batemanesque record industry shill in the ’90s; Marinoni, a documentary about racing legend Giuseppe Marinoni.

Previously opened films include My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2ZootopiaThe Divergent Series: AllegiantKung Fu Panda 3, and Fifty Shades of Black.

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