Our Wednesday Reviews

Broad City – B+

0331broadboxIt’s a classic scheme-that-backfires meets a let’s-stay-out-all-night that fuels this week’s Broad City misadventures. The premise is a bit thin as we open on Abbi & Ilana videochatting — both on the toilet, because of course they are — about a plan to rent out both their apartments and sleep on the roof. Predictably, all plans blow up in the grandest of fashions, and the duo bounce around the city. It’s not the greatest A&I episode, but there are moments — Abbi growing visibly weary of Ilana’s fun-making overkill of her upbringing and one-time hippie lifestyle, and Abbi’s illustrated map of Astoria, spontaneously made for B&B guests.

As has been the case for much of the third season, it’s the supporting characters who make the episode. The pair meet Blake Griffin after sneaking into the 40/40 Club, and he is a special sort of vulnerable as he and Ilana embark on a hilarious naked montage. Paul W. Downs continues to bring a stunning level of depth to sweet, sweet, oblivious gym junkie Trey (“if Remy had a real restaurant, I would totally go there for my cheat meals; I don’t even care that he’s a rat”). Trey genuinely cares deeply about Abbi, and Broad City has benefitted from their unlikely and awkward romantic dance. Bevers returns in all his peculiarly Bevers-y glory. However, the show is stolen, as it is most times he appears, by Hannibal Buress’ Lincoln, the happy-go-lucky Al Dente Dentist, who is probably on screen for less than a half a minute, but delivers the best coda of the season. For all its grimy hipster NYC vibe and absurdist notions, Broad City has endless heart, and that elevates a somewhat disjointed and clunky episode into something still lovable.

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