March Madness: Full Frontal with Samantha Bee vs. Last Week Tonight with Jon Oliver

Our final Late Night battle, which saw the departure of The Daily ShowThe Nightly ShowLate NightThe Tonight ShowThe Late Show, and two game shows (Hollywood Game Night and @Midnight) sees a final face off between two shows airing weekly.

Both Full Frontal and Last Week Tonight are hosted by former Daily Show contributors, filmed in New York, and feature monologues and no guests.

But there are differences, too. Full Frontal tackles political issues from Samantha Bee’s funny, witty, searing, and brilliant viewpoint. Last Week Tonight focuses on a single issue per episode, with anger and disbelief.

Both shows are much loved. It will surely be a tight race.

Episodes of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee are available online; Last Week Tonight with Jon Oliver airs on HBO. Vote for your favorite shows here. Results post Friday!

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