Tuesday’s Best Reviewed: American Crime Story

We’ve seen the Bronco chase, the Marcia haircut, the glove that fit, and the jury who wore black — anyone who remembers the 90s certainly knows the one iconic moment of the OJ trial that’s left. And given the anthology’s track record, it’s quite predictable that it would knock it out of the park and win the night. Most reviewers, except for me, enjoyed this week’s packed iZombie. Inversely, most reviewers, except for me, panned this week’s goofy New Girl.

Tuesday, March 29th’s Best Reviewed: American Crime Story (9.5/10)


It’s time for Fuhrman to take the stand on American Crime Story and cast that die. Terri Schwartz of IGN loves it, feeling “the show is firing on all cylinders as it heads into its finale, dealing with a contentious subject that is sadly as newsworthy then as it is more than 20 years later.” AV Club‘s Pilot Viruet gives it a solid “A” and glories in the wordplay, bullet-pointing “American Crime Story-inspired band names: Mint Julep and Condescension, Gratuitous Alliteration.”

The Rest of the Night:


iZombie – 7.5

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – 7.5

The Flash – 7.0

Fresh Off the Boat – 7.0

New Girl – 6.5



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