What to Watch: 03/29/2016

It’s a great night for comedy, whether it’s slapstick in a loft or singing gleefully in a car. There’s also zombie strippers (no not these ones), paranoid cops, and one-night stands.


The Late Late Show Carpool Karaoke Primetime Special [CBS, 10p]

James Cordon’s hit skit is coming to primetime for an hour of celebrity hijinx behind the wheel. Jennifer Lopez is confirmed as one of the guests so duh, I’m watching. #jlover


New Girl [FOX, 8p]

Jess has an awkward work encounter with an ex and Schmidt throws a germophobe freakout — throw in some Winstonisms and I’m so there!


The Princess Diaries [Encore, 8p]

Judge not, ya’ll: The book was better (NYC color, a father who’s alive, plenty of wry jokes), but Anne Hathaway is charming as the nerd turned princess overnight, and Heather Matarazzo is perfect as her smart, loyal friend. Mandy Moore’s Queen Bee is better served in 2004’s Saved! And though Moore’s Mean Girl doesn’t crash her van into Jesus here, she doesn’t win the heart of Princess Mia’s crush, in one of Robert Schwartzman’s rare film roles. (She probably marries Erik von Detten after college, and whatever happened to that heartthrob anyway?)



  • On CW’s quirkalicious ref-fest iZombie, Liv eats stripper brain and you can probably guess where that goes. Plus, if you watched last week, the show has probably set some sort of record for most plot loose ends to tie up, but that’s what the show is good at.
  • Kyle Kinane and Kristen Schaal guest on Comedy Central’s sexual gabfest Not Safe with Nikki Glaser, where the subject is one-night stands.
  • The gloves fit, Marcia cut her hair, the jury wore black, now it’s time to tear Mark Furman’s racist….well, it’s Furman time on American Crime Story on FX
  • So much great comedy tonight, including a Jessica-centric Fresh Off the Boat and glamping on Real O’Neals, both on ABC, and Jason Mantzoukas does that crazy he does so well as he thinks he’s targeted by his old life on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


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