Monday’s Best Reviewed: Supergirl

With an unobtrusive crossover, CBS’ Supergirl wins yet another crowded Monday night. It’s faster than a speeding con-man lawyer, able to leap crazy exes in a single bound. However, both those critically lauded programs had strong showings. Jimmy McGill broke further from his Davis & Mane straight-and-narrow traditional law path on Better Call Saul, en route to Saul Goodman’s sleazy badassery. Meanwhile, Rebecca Bunch genuinely tries hard to do good by her erstwhile rival Valencia, but is thwarted by residual looniness and thrown into a new flame’s arms on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. While Jane the Virgin earned uncharacteristically tepid reviews for an episode about accepting help, but AV Club loved it.

Monday, March 28th’s Best: Supergirl (9.4/10)


Featuring a cheeky title that alludes to an old-timey DC Batman/Superman crossover series, “World’s Finest” takes on Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen/Flash on a taut and it’s the beginning of a beautiful superhero friendship. Caroline Siede at AV Club wisely observes the episode “represents Supergirl in a nutshell: Fun, clunky, cheesy, and more intelligent than it seems at first glance.” IGN‘s Max Nicholson praises it as “fun, upbeat palette cleanser” for Batman vs Superman‘s grimness. Joshua Rivera of Vulture takes that them further, calling it “a friendly shot across the bow, a smirking way to say, ‘This is how you do a team-up.’ Because holy crap.”

The Rest of the Night:


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – 8.9

Better Call Saul – 8.8

Bates Motel – 7.8

Jane the Virgin – 7.7

Blindspot – 7.0

Gotham – 6.9

11.22.63 – 6.7

The Magicians – 6.5


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