What to Watch: 03/28/2016

There’s about as wide a variety of shows on the schedule tonight as ever, so let’s just dig right into it:

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend [CW, 8p]
It’s a Crazy wedding, as Becca is a bridesmaid in the marriage ceremony of Josh’s sister, right on the heels of last week’s reveal to Josh that Becca is in love with him, right after she’d had an epiphany that she did not HAVE to be in love with Josh. Oh yes, Valencia is also going to be a bridesmaid in the same wedding. That should go as well as anything else on this absurdly wonderful show.

Jane the Virgin [CW, 9p]
Jane’s wedding plans are disrupted by a plan. Since Jane believes in signs… THIS IS A SIGN JANE DON’T MARRY MICHAEL HE’S THE WORST. Take some time to find yourself, girl! It’s like The Specials sang, “You’ve done too much/Much too young/Now you’re married with a kid/When you could be having fun with me.”

Love & Hip Hop New York  [VH1, 8p]
It’s the reunion, and yes, it’s mind-numbing, but I am tuning in to see Cardi B put slimy, two-timing Peter Gunz in his place. Someone had to do it.



  • It’s crossover time (no, not this crossover) on CBS’ Supergirl as Grant Gustin brings his Flash along to team up with the heroine.
  • Jimmy McGill is poised to go deep into the gutter as he transforms into Breaking Bad‘s Saul Goodman. We’re halfway through the second season on AMC’s Better Call Saul.
  • Many worlds are on the verge of crashing down as Hit the Floor ends season 3 on VH1.
  • It’s the grand entrance of always-provocative Miley as The Voice returns on NBC and singers hearts are about to break as the knockout round begins.

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