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The Walking Dead – B-

0328walkingbox.jpgLeading into the sixth season’s finale, “East” finds Carol wandering off, with Rick and Morgan hopping into a car to chase her down, while Daryl storms off to avenge Dr. Denise’s death, with Glenn, Rosita, and Michonne on tail to try to corral back the world’s greasiest archer. When The Walking Dead goes off the rails, it’s usually because the characters don’t follow their own internal logic. This, indeed, is the problem with “East,” as this all happens while Alexandria is anticipating a siege. While there is a definite no-man-left-behind family tude permeating our ragtag band of heroes, it is folly to think that they would not see the danger inherent in sending out five of the group’s best fighters in search of two loose cannons. It’s hard not to feel at least a bit like they are sent out on the road just so viewers have to play which major character is going to feel the inevitable wrath of Negan and Lucille. That being said, there are still some tense, landmark TWD moments like Carol’s breakdown before machine gunning down a collection of extremely dick-ish saviors, and Morgan’s confession followed by Rick’s tender ribbing and reminder there is a home for him always with the group. In any case, manipulative or not, it does set up the pieces for an epic finale titled “Negan” — so most of you surely knows what that means.
– Jason Thurston

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