What to Watch: 03/27/2016

An insane amount of quality television awaits you tonight, if you choose to accept. The Screen Scholars editors are locked into their choices for Sunday night viewing and here they are:

Madam Secretary [CBS, 8:30p]
Elizabeth McCord handles peace talks between the prime ministers of India and Pakistan like a boss.

The Good Wife [CBS, 9p]
Ooh, this is going to be good. The smarmy FBI guy from The Big Short is going to try to use Eli’s daughter against Peter. Good lucky, buddy!

The Walking Dead [AMC. 9p]
Negan still hasn’t shown his face, but his wrath was felt by our gang as henchmen Dwight accidentally shot Dr. Denise with one of Daryl’s bow…bringing the Savior/Alexandrian death tally to something like 42-1. However, Negan will almost certainly pop up at the end of this week’s Season 6 penultimate episodes, and that should be bad news for people who have liked all the surviving the main characters have been doing.



  • HBO’s Togetherness celebrated its first Sunday night reviewer win by being canceled. Bummer! You can watch one of its potentially last episodes tonight. Meanwhile, also on HBO tonight are two shows which are guaranteed another season, underwhelming but backed-on-high music industry period piece Vinyland Lena Dunham’s juggernaut NYC talkfest Girls.
  • On PBS’s Masterpiece, it’s the fourth season (or series) return of Mr. Selfridge, starring Jeremy Piven as the American magnate of a high-end British department store.
  • The final three chefs for the finale of Food Network cooking competition All-Star Academy, are chosen by a literary challenge which sounds straight-up lovely.
  • Perhaps the best-written new shows this side of Baskets is the basic, but outstanding so far, sitcom The Carmichael Show on NBC. This week it tackles yet another sticky topic when the creep of gentrification hits Jerrod Carmichael close to home.
  • A brawl on Showtime’s Shameless? It’s Sunday.
  • Oh, and there’s basketball on CBS. It’s March.


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