What to Watch: 03/24/2016

Ain’t much goin’ on but March Madness (and if you haven’t voted yet in our version, please do). Oh, there is a new show by some writer of a few popular shows named Shonda. Let’s start with that.

The Catch [ABC, 10p]
Shonda Rhimes is back with another novela-esque crime thriller. This time it centers around private investigator Alice Vaughan, who is the victim of a con from her ex-fiance. Now she is tracking him down to get back the money he stole from her and to save her career.

Hate In America [Investigation Discovery, 8p]
A newish show examining the Southern Poverty Law Center’s efforts to fight Trump supporters–just kidding, except not really–visits Flathead Valley, Montana, which has seen an influx of anti-government radicals and white supremacists, to the horror of the town’s residents.

Project Runway All-Stars [Lifetime, 9p]
It’s evening resort wear and the title is “Bait and Switch”…I’m so there!



  • There’s not much, but the fun police procedural with J-Lo and Ray Liotta airs on NBC. It’s Shades of Blue.
  • The History Channel brings you more fictional tales of Vikings.
  • Oh, and Shonda’s other minor programs, Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy.

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